Three Year Old Program
Program Overview

Our learning focused environment creates daily opportunities for our students to
develop and explore friendships and to extend their ever-growing social skills.  Each
day, we teach Language Arts, Math, Social Studies/Science with hands-on activities,
which turns learning into play! Music is closely integrated with our curriculum and
used to seamlessly enhance learning experiences.  Art, a favorite part of the day, is
packed with fun-filled activities that involve a great variety of materials.  
Open-ended activities, which is a core part of our Art program, allow for creative
expression and growth on an individual basis. Spanish, Computer and
Physical Education are also a key part of our weekly lessons.  We offer a varied
attendance schedule in this class room with choices ranging from two half-days to
five full days. Please note that your child must be three years-old by September 1st
to be eligible for this class. We are proud to have achieved and maintained Maryland
State Department of Education Early Childhood Accreditation since 2005!

Kirstin Gancarz, Lead Teacher,
I graduated from Stevenson University May of 2012 with a B.S Degree in Early
Childhood Education.  While I was at Stevenson, I had the opportunity to complete
internships in Pre-K, first grade and second/third grade. I have lived in the Annapolis
area for seventeen years and truly love it! I played lacrosse for 13 years and am
currently coaching as an assistant coach at Old Mill High School. I am very excited to
be teaching and working with children.

Natasha Flanagan, Teacher
I am thrilled to be joining A Child's Garden as a teacher in the three's classroom. I
graduated from Ashworth University with a B.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education.
I have taught Pre-Kindergarten for fourteen years. Central to my teaching
philosophy is that every child is capable of achieving great things. When given the
tools and encouragement to explore, investigate, experience and learn, children's
minds are molded and developed and each student can experience a successful,
exciting and rewarding educational journey. It is my pleasure to assist in this
achievement. I am trained in All Kinds of Minds and have an interest in providing
learning through Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math education. (STEAM)

Language Arts

The Three Year Old Language Arts program is integrated into every part of the day.  
Students develop an appreciation for literature through stories, puppets, and
feltboards.  Exposure to letters and sounds is taught through books and hands-on
activities. Pre-writing activities are also a big part of the program.  Students use
tracing boards and easels to practice the motions of straight and curved lines for
beginning writing.  Playdough, hole punchers, and other materials are also used to
strengthen muscles and develop fine motor skills.  The Language Arts program
provides a child-centered, interactive environment for students to nurture their love
of reading.     


The Math program is taught through games and activities which expose students to
fundamental math concepts such as colors, shapes, sorting, and patterns.  Number
recognition (0-5) is a focus of the program as well.  Students learn to identify and
quantify numbers and focus on one-to-one correspondence through hands-on
activities which are a part of the daily program.

Social Studies

The main objective of the Three Year Old Social Studies program is to help students
gain a better understanding of self-concept and to build self-confidence through
positive interaction with others.  The Second Step program is used to teach students
the importance of understanding their feelings and the feelings of others.  Students
learn about fairness, conflict resolution, and good manners through a series of role
playing activities, puppet shows, and songs.  Students also focus on family roles and
the make up of their community through the winter workshop in January.  The
classroom is transformed into a restaurant, doctor office, and post office
throughout the month as students actively explore places in their community.  


The Science program is designed to give students ample opportunity to explore the
world around them.  Students learn about seasonal changes, animals and their habits,
Earth Day, plants and seeds, and insects.  They also focus on aspects of the body
including; body parts, functions of the body, the five senses, and nutrition.  
Open-ended activities, exploration in the discovery table, and outdoor adventures are
used to stimulate learning and expand their curiosity.    


Students in the Three Year Old classroom enrich the skills they are learning in each
area of the curriculum through daily art experiences.  In Art, students can explore
both open-ended projects in which they let their creativity flow and more structured
art projects which strengthen fine motor skills.  Students practice following
directions and explore the use of a variety of art materials.


Music is also integrated into every aspect of the curriculum on a daily basis.  A
structured half hour music class is taught weekly for students to explore beat,
rhythm, and instruments, and to learn how to respond to music through movement.  
Students learn fingerplays and listen to the words in songs to practice following
directions and listening skills.  Music is used to enrich the curriculum through letter
and number recognition as well as songs about science and social studies concepts.  

Physical Education

Physical education is gained through many opportunities for outside play on the large
playground which includes a bike track, swings, a climber, and a sandbox for fun and
creative play. Students take part in a weekly class called
JumpBunch. JumpBunch is a
structured, year-round sports and fitness program geared for young children. The
program builds healthy bodies, self esteem and the love of sports and fitness .
Students learn the fundamentals of sports such as basketball, football, and lacrosse.
They also work on skills such as skipping, balancing, and running to increase
coordination and help develop large motor skills.

Technology Education      

Students in the Three Year Old class explore technology through weekly computer
classes in the computer lab.  They learn skills such as proper use of the mouse and
how to use a computer in the appropriate manner.  The choice of games and activities
is pulled from themes in the rest of the curriculum so that computer class becomes
an integrated part of student learning.  Computers are also used as a teaching tool
for various lessons and for students to watch interactive videos that coincide
with units being taught in the classroom


The program's goal is to expose and acquire Spanish language through an age
appropriate method and creative curriculum. Classes are theme oriented which include
weather, calendar, games, numbers, ABC's, opposites, holidays, music and movement,
storytelling, colors, shapes, and a lot more, all in Spanish!